While I'm still young I'm an 18-year-old girl and this is my blog listing all the things that I would like to do while I'm still young.

I do not own any of the pictures posted on this site unless stated otherwise, however they are edited by me. If you have any questions, would like me to credit you for a photo that belongs to you or want to send me a message for any other reason, please feel free. Thank you so much!

Before I Die: Who wants do me a big favor, and I'll love you forever in return?


Just leave a comment here or here asking why they feel the need to take pictures from Tumblr and re-upload them as their own. They deleted my comment and blocked me, but since we’re at ~150,000 followers if enough people leave a comment hopefully they’ll be taken down. The blog isn’t…

oh wow, apparently perfectubucketlist ain’t the only one whose pictures that bitch has stolen. i am so pissed off right now

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